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So I have the Internship… now what?
June 1, 2008, 12:11 am
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     I did finally meet with Pastor Sean, we just talked over details and shared our intentions for the coming internship. I also had the opportunity to talk with B.J. for awhile, it was nice to hear about what he had gained through the internship and some of the struggles to beware of. It was very encouraging and exciting talking with Sean and B.J. about what the Lord has for the future.

     Things to do now:

  • Write my first support letter. Please pray for Abby and I’s finances.
  • Set up a meeting with my counselor at Grace University. (I’m going to finish up my degree, hopefully!)
  • Find an acoustic guitar. Well, I actually know which one I want, I just have to purchase it!
  • Pay off some bills.
     Things we need prayer for:
  • We moved out of our apartment and into Jerry and Jo Beerman’s house. (Abby’s parents home.) It is a blessing to be able to have the freedom to move in and ease the financial burden that otherwise would have made the internship very difficult. – Adjustment to our new living conditions.
  • I had my wisdom teeth pulled this morning, and it hurts real bad!
  • Wisdom for all of the above steps we need to take in the next couple of months.
     Thank you guys, nick.  [Passionately pursuing God!]

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I have been praying for you guys lately. i have been praying for huge blessings. Your faith becomes stronger with every trial. We love you guys more than you know.

Ethan is going to be a strong man of God. He is going to be sensitive to the Spirit – and he will follow passionately after God.

You guys are in the exact place where God wants you – Mike and I believe that.

Love, Jen

Comment by mrs. kresnik

you’re going to need all the wisdom you can get with those wise teeth gone.

Comment by campassurance

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