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Funny Story…
December 6, 2008, 7:14 am
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     abby and i had our first doctors appointment today…i will put up pictures this weekend (i hope)…anyways…

     as we were getting our ultrasound done, the technician told us this story of an an ultrasound she had done earlier this week. there was a woman and her 3 or 4 year old son and when the technician announced the gender of the child and said that the little boy was going to have a baby sister, he burst out into tears. his mother said to him, “we told you that this could happen.” he got even more upset and said to the technician, “are you telling me it’s not a dinosaur!?! check again!”, he said, “you’re mean, i’m going to tell my grandma on you!” 

     we laughed hysterically and told her she needed to have a tv show, she said she planned on writing a book. anyways just a funny story i thought you all would enjoy.

i will post again soon, thank you.

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HILARIOUS!!!! A dinosaur….AWESOME!!!! I can just see that little kid laying on the ground all throwing hysterics about not having a dinosaur! LOL!!!

Comment by Deanna

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