Nick Evans

I had a meeting with God at 6:00a.
March 5, 2009, 12:16 pm
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I had a meeting with God at 6:00 this morning. I was outside on our back patio praying about the day and the different meetings and stuff going on, when I met with the God of creation.
A slight cool breeze blew across my face at the precise time I was taking a breath. The coolness and scents of the morning drew me instantly into a time of silent worship of breathing. The scent was damp, cool, earthy, organic my senses were overwhelmed the damp feeling of dawn cooled my face, and in my ears echoed the songs of birds, which had gone unnoticed until this very moment.
I turned to position myself to absorb more of the coolness. I turned my face to the wind so as to inhale more purely the smells of nature. I stood there inhaling and exhaling slowly trying to pick out the smells. I thought as I stood there how many times do we miss the smells and experience of nature due to the strength of our colognes or the artificial “organic” smells of our hair product.
My mind silenced again as the breeze picked up. I utilized every breath to try and experience God even more through this simple excercise of breathing, until I broke. My lungs fail, I cannot breathe any deeper. Tears filled my eyes as I longed for one unending breath to satisfy the desires of my heart.
I love you Lord, not just for Your work in creation, not just for the matchless sacrifice of Your Son, but because You alone can satisfy. All else, even this experience, pales in comparison. You alone can satisfy.

Nature is not the only means by which God arrests our hearts. It may be a worship song, a prayer, the Word, or a conversation with a friend. The challenge is there for us to slow down and look for God, He’ll show up. You may just have a meeting with God at 6:00a.

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Arrest us Lord arrest us.
Thanks Nick for the reminder to breath Him in.

Comment by jerry

very good. i felt the wind as i read and tears came to my eyes too. thanks for reminding me

Comment by abby

beautiful. i could feel and smell the wind as i was reading. and my eyes watered. thank you for reminding me to stop and awe Him.

Comment by anna d.

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