Nick Evans


I have been married to my beautiful wife Abby for, going on, 7 years and look forward to many more years of love and support. On July 6th of 2007 she gave birth to our son Ethan Michael Evans – “Strong One/Man of God” and he has changed my life and challenged my thinking of what a “Man of God” is…and he’s only 9 months old. For pictures visit the “My Family” page. God has always been faithful to me and my family, and I know that He always will.

     I grew up in a Christian home with parents who loved Jesus and taught us to love Him as well. My parents were always very involved in the church and in ministry, Friday-nite Bible Studies, Youth Leaders for a time, and were always serving in any way possible. Through their example I learned the joys and blessings of working in the ministry, understanding of course that it is not always an easy venture. Because of their involvement in the Church, I got an early start in service. At around 7 or 8 I was helping the Children’s Church Leaders with the service: Running the sound system and performing in skits, puppet ministry, and Church productions. These seem like small beginnings but it was a good place to start for a little guy. I learned a lot and grew in experience and responsibility.

     When I was 14 or 15 we moved from Council Bluffs, IA to Omaha, NE. We started attending a small community Baptist Church, where I met my future wife and her parents, Jerry and Jo Beerman. Jerry and Jo were the “Youth Ministers” at the church, and through their challenges and encouragement I started to lead worship. After the church disbanded, the youth group decided we wanted to stay together, so the 6 of us and Jerry and Jo started meeting at their home, worshipping and learning together. We called ourselves Pit Crew based out of Psalms 40:1-3. Over the next several years we grew to numbers over 70 college-aged kids. At this point I had started school at Grace University studying Pastoral Ministries, and felt that God had called me to ministry. 

     God has given me amazing opportunities through which to minister. Youth Camps, Church Outreaches, Campus Crusade events, FCA events, Guest Worship Leading at several churches, Grace University events,  Conferences and Seminars, and Mission Trips to Peru and Mexico with amazing people and churches in the region, the list of names would be too numerous to recount. All of this God has allowed me to play a part in, and it humbles me to think of His faithfulness and grace.

     The reasons for which I am pursuing this internship is to place myself in a position for God to use me however He wills. Full-time ministry is something I have longed for, and practiced for, it is where I want to end up. To play a part in the expansion of God’s Kingdom on this earth is where I want to be. Through this internship I hope to be trained by a man of God that I respect and look up to, to learn the administrative side of ministry, to be further trained in my musical ability and in my song writing. Pastor Sean Keith, has the technical training, the experience, and relationship with Jesus that is inspiring – I can think of no one more suitable to train, mentor, and challenge me in my pursuit of God and life in ministry.

     I have had a passion for worship for years, even when I was young I recognized how awesome worship was. Through the years my understanding about what worship is has deepened and continues to expand, almost on a daily basis.


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