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i’m doing great, how are you?
October 28, 2008, 4:47 pm
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     hey everybody, i want to remind you that you can post comments on my website, i have it set up so that i have to approve it so i will see every comment posted. you can post your encouragements, prayers, criticism, or anything…and if you have anything for abby or ethan i’ll be sure to pass it on. we want to hear from you.

     i am going to be sending out an update/newsletter soon, so be watching for it. we are in desperate need of prayer and financial support.

     PRAYER: we are trying to get on medicaid for the new baby that’s due in march.

                   we need some funds for insurance and plates for our cars.

                   health continues to be an issue for us.

                   long-term that God lays out the plan for us at the end of the internship.

                   continued wisdom and guidance for abby and i while we raise one baby and prepare for another, and as we try to stretch the finances to cover all necessities.


P.S. God has really blessed us this week with the funds to “catch up” with the bills. Praise God!

P.S.S. here is a video that i did one day with the youth department for the high school service. it worked out that i had some time so we did it. i’m the bad guy…go figure!


July 24, 2008, 4:35 am
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     it has been over a month since my last post, sorry. i will be updating more often than that, hopefully, once a week. so here is what has happened in the last month: i have played with the sunday morning worship team every sunday since my first day with them. this has been incredibly awesome. i will be leading a song or two this sunday, the 27th, which is super exciting! i am a little nervous, imagine that, and would appreciate any prayers.

     my son Ethan turned one on the 6th of July, he had a blast at his party and made out like a bandit. Abby did all of the work, along with the grandparents and people helping with some of the food. she really knows how to take care of our son.

     Pastor Sean has approved my support letter so be watching your mailboxes. oh yeah, if you didn’t get a letter please email me at, and i will be sure to send one to you. 

     Abby has registered for classes. she has always had a desire to go to school, but never had the funds or time. funny thing is we still do not have either of those things, and actually less than in the past. but, God still has called her to do it, “He’s not safe, but He is good!”(or something like that)

     we have moved back in with Abby’s parents, Jerry and Jo Beerman. we will be staying with them until we can afford to get a place of our own again. it was really hard to do it. not because of Jerry or Jo (i can’t think of anyone cooler to live with) we had just moved into our own place for the first time and we were only there for 9 months. God knows and we are just trusting Him. thank You Lord, where You lead we will follow.

     i start the internship in september, please continue praying for my family and i as we prepare. bless you guys, and thank you for reading.


A Little Taste…
June 25, 2008, 2:44 am
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     Well, sunday was my first sunday on the team. It was a little taste of what I hope this next year will be like, it was so great to be up there with that team and Pastor Sean worshiping together. It was inspiring to see the people in the congregation worshiping, the people of God all together, in likeness of mind, praising our Saviour. Honestly, it was breath-taking, and I have a feeling that it was not only breath-taking to me.(If you know what I mean.)